This page shows links and pictures of what I have done with technology this school year (2007-2008).

a website - I made this website in iWeb, you should all have it installed on your computers already. You can see the address is I have my own website which is how I publish the content on the web. We might be able to make our websites that are something like <- but I don't know if that is a possibility.
wikis - This is an example of a wiki. We will talk about these later, but a wiki is basically a website that a lot of people can edit and change things on. This wiki is maintained pretty much only by my students. I created the site, and they created almost all the content. They do a very good job of keeping it up to date.
audio responses to literature - There is a website called where you can call in and record things and the website will put the recordings on your website or make it a podcast that people can subscribe to. For this experiment, my students read their favorite quote from the novel we are reading right now.
polling - We do various polls at different times. The first one on that page was one that I asked when a bunch
senteo clickers
Skype video calls with a class in Kansas
Skype video calls for student-led conferences -
quizzes on iPods - You can make quizzes for iPods that the kids can download and install on their computers.
calendar - This is how my students find out about missing assignments, etc.