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Today's session will not be Ustreamed since we will be dealing with student information.

Senteo Classlists

It is a bit of a pain to import class lists from Powergrade into Senteo Manager, but hopefully it will be easier with Skyward next year.
The first thing you need to do is go into PowerGrade and under Reports choose "Custom Export..."


You will need to drag three fields form the left to the right. Then click Export.

You want to save the file as your period name and then you can click save.

When you open up the file that you just saved, it will open it as an Excel file. The screen below may not be what you see right away. It may ask for you to push next or something like that. At that point, just click finish. When you get to the spreadsheet, you need to change a field from Student Number to ID, and add the Email. You must also add a dummy email address to one student's name for Senteo to recognize it. If you do not make these changes, you will not be able to open it in Senteo.

Then, you need to go to File and Save As... to save it as a CSV file.

From Format, choose "CSV (Comma delimited)" under "Common Formats". I would suggest saving all your class lists to a folder in your Documents folder.

It will give you some error message, just say YES!

Once it is saved to a place where you want it, go to Senteo Manager and from "File" choose "Import Class List From -> Comma Separated Values (CSV)"

Then you will navigate to the folder that has your CSV file, and make sure you choose the CSV version, and nothing else, or else it won't work.

Now, you will be able to save the classlist as a Senteo Classlist file.

Just go to File, then Save Classlist, and you will be able to save it wherever you want.