I forgot to push the record button, so this one is not available.


Today, I want to show you a little video about Typeit4me, which is a neat little program that I use to help me when I need to type things over and over. You will see in this silent video. To enter today's date, I simply type "todate" and "April 24, 2008" pops up. To type in what I put in the description part of the assignments, for example DEAR for TA, I type "/ta" and "If a student did not bring a book, the or she receives a 0 for today." pops up. It is a very slick program. I haven't purchased this yet, but it will be well worth the $27. All you have to do is set up your abbreviations (todate and ta) and your clippings (what your abbreviations will type for you). Download it, give it a try, and just play around with it. I never type like or that incorrectly.


Today we need special software. You can get the notebook program and the clicker software here. You will need to open the file with Stuffit Expander.
You may also open the files by copying and pasting this address to your address bar: afp:// Or you can search for my computer on your network. Try it if you are daring. :)

Once they are downloaded you will need to open the files that were downloaded and you will get a screen that looks likes this:
After you double-click each of those programs, you will need to enter some info and maybe your password. Follow the on-screen prompts and you should be good to go.

SMART Notebook

Today we will play with the SMART Notebook software. Notebook is basically just like PowerPoint. We are only concerned about the part that uses the clickers, so that is all we will focus on. You need to make sure that both your programs (Senteo Manager and Notebook are open. If they are open, you will have a black triangle underneath the icons in your dock. It should look something like this:
When you are in the Notebook program, you will want to add a question. You click on the Senteo Menu at the top:senteomenu1.png
When you click "Insert Question..." the ellipses mean that you will complete more steps after clicking on it. Follow the prompts, and let's enter about five questions.

After you enter a second question, it is going to ask you if you want to insert a title page, say that you do.

This is what the title page looks like.