Ustream Broadcast

This will be a live feed during the session, but a recorded feed when the session is completed.


This is the program that I use to make my lessons available to my students.

Embed in Blogs

Good job on the blogs you guys have set up. They look good so far.

Hopefully you brought a YouTube video that you want to add to your blog for your students. If not, click here, and you can use this one.

To embed a YouTube video, you need to go to the YouTube page.
If you click in the box that is under the embed code, you can press the apple key and C to copy it, or go to Edit, then Copy.

Then, with that copied to your clipboard, you will go back to your blog, and create a new post. When you have done that, you simply paste the code that you copied into your new blog post.
When you go back into the "Compose tab, there will be nothing there. You can make sure that you added it correctly by clicking on "Preview"
That is how we do it.

Feel free to ask me any questions. Just play around with things and get comfortable.


No survey this week.