This is the video from Session 3. We are talking about Google Docs. I forgot to unmute it for a little bit (probably the best part), but such is life. This was my first live broadcast so please have patience!

Google Reader

First, we will review how to unsubscribe from a blog and get feedback about how Google Reader is working out.
To unsubscribe from a feed in Google Reader:
First select the feed that you want to stop getting updates from

Then, under "Feed Settings" choose "Unsubscribe"

Then, you will get a confirmation message asking if you are sure you want to unsubscribe. Click "OK"

The other thing we will talk about today is Matt has a great idea for one of his learning centers assignments. He wants his kids to interview some senior citizens about the Great Depression. To make it easy for them to record the interviews, Matt is thinking about using It is a service that creates an automatic podcast using your telephone. You call a toll-free number: 1.800.749.0632 (US only), enter your channel number. For today's practice we will use Channel number 17916. I will announce the password during class. I will also do a demonstration so you can see what it is like.

Google Docs

Let's watch this video to help us understand what Google Docs is. You can find it here:

As you can see, Google Docs is there mostly to help people collaborate. You can create surveys, too. You can also embed the documents in other web pages, like you see below, the results of the survey from last session:

Survey from TechnoThursdays Session 1

I also like to use Google Docs to provide an easy way for parents and students to access assignments. Here are three examples:
Writing assignment - Teaching students how to write a five paragraph essay.
Test - Test about what goes into a five paragraph essay and where it goes.
Worksheet about Symbolism - Symbolism in the Polar Express

So, let's work with a document. I have already shared it with everybody who was here last week. If you would like to be added, I can do that. I just need your Google email address or Google Account sign-in.
We are going to work with a spreadsheet because you can discuss things (like a chat page) while you are editing. So let's go to that page:


Finally, I would like everyone to take the survey that attended live or watched the video. Your opinion helps me decide future lessons. Thank you so much.
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